BREAKING: Boland v. Bonta Vacated

March 26, 2024

Yesterday evening, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an order relating to Boland v. Bonta, CRPA’s case challenging the constitutionality of the so-called “roster” of firearms available for sale in California.  Typically, we need to link you to legal decisions, which tend to be lengthy.  This one, however, is easy to read, though its consequences might be difficult to discern:

Is this a positive or negative step?  Something in between?  Where do we go from here?  To help our readers decipher what this ruling portends, Michel & Associates attorney Alexander Frank checked in with CRPA TV host Kevin Small today.


We know the defeat of the roster is a HUGE issue for 2A advocates here in California and that decisions on cases like this help determine the post-Bruen methodology that courts will employ. Help us to reach the finish line on this case!