Legal Update January 2021

January 20, 2021

January 20, 2021- CRPA is engaged in litigation from one end of the state to the other. In an effort to secure and protect your fundamental rights, litigation in both state and federal court are underway. Filings in each case can be tracked by following the links listed below.

The “stay at home orders” of the last year have brought both frustration and transparency as courts have moved to online hearings that are open to the public. Many of you may have watched the recent hearings online in Villanueva v. Becerra, which sought to stop DOJ’s longstanding pattern of altering the scope of legislation at whim via regulation in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. We learned that the court will unfortunately not hand us a win in this case. While many who know DOJ’s corrupt practices understandably want the fight to continue, CRPA will not be pursuing Supreme Court review of this case. Rather than dedicate resources to an uphill battle over “assault weapon” regulations, CRPA will focus its efforts on eliminating California’s “assault weapon” restrictions altogether.

Rupp v. Becerra is a case supported by The CRPA Foundation and CRPA that seeks to do just that. It challenges California’s sweeping Assault Weapons Control Act (“AWCA”), which prohibits the most popular rifles in the country as a violation of the Second Amendment. The CRPAF began supporting this case in 2017. Oral argument in Rupp took place on October 8, 2020 before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and we are currently awaiting its decision. This case could be instrumental in holding the state at bay and protecting the rights of millions of gun owners across the state.

It is critical to continue fighting in the courts as we look forward into 2021 and the expected onslaught of new anti-gun legislation on the horizon. As politicians continue to press forward with more attempts to limit your rights, the courts look to be the best option for upholding the Second Amendment.

We need your help. Consider being a partner with CRPA in our efforts to protect your rights. You can donate once or become a monthly support donor. Please visit the CRPA Litigation Victory Fund to donate.

Helpful case links:

Rupp v. Becerra                         

Rhode v. Becerra                      

Caniglia v. Strom

Duncan v. Becerra                      

Flanagan v. Becerra       

  Kirk v. City of Morgan Hill

Gentry v. Harris   

B & L Productions v. 22nd Agricultural District                                       

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