CRPA 2017 Litigation Victories

January 12, 2018

In 2017, CRPA scored major victories in the courts.

  • Duncan v. Becerra:
    • Challenged the provisions of Proposition 63 and led to an injunction against the implementation of the ban on standard capacity magazines. This prevented thousands of California gun owners from becoming criminals or having to forfeit their lawfully owned property.
  • Bosenko v. Los Angeles:
    • Forced Los Angeles to include a sunset provision in its ban on standard capacity magazines. With the injunction obtained from the Duncan case, standard capacity magazines are once again legal to possess in Los Angeles.
  • Gentry v. Becerra:
    • Challenged DOJ’s misuse of DROS fees; the court ruled in our favor and found that DOJ could not use DROS fees for unrelated law enforcement activity.
  • CRPA filed an amicus brief in Grace v. District of Columbia:
    • Challenged DC’s “good cause” requirement for a CCW; the court struck down the requirement and as a result, Washington DC is now a shall issue municipality. Washington declined to appeal the decision to the Supreme Court out of fear that it would overturn other “good cause” requirements in states like California. With this decision, it is more likely than ever that the Supreme Court will hear a concealed carry case and rule in our favor. This win is a major step on the path to a shall issue California.

On top of these victories, CRPA has several more cases filed against everything from restrictions on the right to carry, to “Assault Weapon” regulations. In addition to this, a case against the new ammunition regulations is in the works.

In 2017, CRPA scored major victories in the courts.

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