CRPA Gun Violence Restraining Order Expansion Proposed

The California State Legislature has already unleashed a fury of anti-firearm legislation that would create many new regulations and render thousands of gun owners as criminals. This week, the Assembly Public Safety Committee will hear new bills, including AB 61 (Ting).

AB 61 (Ting) would allow an employer, coworker or mental health worker to file a restraining order on an individual to keep them from owning a gun. This individual would not be allowed to defend themselves until 21 days later. In this time, they would have their right to bear arms stripped from them, regardless if the claims were true or not. These restraining orders can already be filed by immediate family members and Law Enforcement officers.  Those most suited to make such a critical decision!

At each step in the legislative process, we must let the legislators in Sacramento know that we will not stand idly by as our right to protect ourselves is ripped away from us and criminals are allowed to roam free.

Stay tuned with CRPA for updates on this destructive bill.

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