Battle Over CA’s Public Records Law

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AB-700 would have major implications for both the work we do at CRPA and to you as a citizen. It seriously restricts the California Public Records Act, which was enacted in 1968 “to foster government transparency and accountability, and to explicitly acknowledge that secrecy is incompatible with a democratic government.” The CRPA is named in the first paragraph of this article which provides just one example of why we rely on access to public records. You deserve to know where your taxpayer dollars are going, and you deserve the right to keep the government in check.

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  • We are the Government, they are our representatives, or that’s what they covenant to do.
    These are “The Peoples” records and it’s legal Citizens who are entitled to view how this power and money is being used or abused. If abused, the violating parties must be held accountable.

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