2016 Bill Status Update

February 10, 2016

2016 Bill Status Update

AB 156 – (McCarty-D) Ammunition Regulation. Requires background checks for ammunition purchasers, licenses to sell ammunition, and collection of sale information. Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.  Bans internet / out of stage ammunition purchase. (Update 6/30/16: Inactive)

AB 450 –  (McCarty-D) Sufficient CCW Fee. Clarifies current law regarding concealed weapon permits and mandates the issuing authority to charge a fee which is “sufficient” to cover the cost of issuing and overseeing CCW permits. (Update 9/26/16: Vetoed by Governor)

AB 466 – (McCarty-D) Definition of “Good Cause.” Establishes a definition of “good cause” which means that anyone who applies for a CCW permit, must show that they face potential danger and are more at risk than the average person. (Update: 8/22/16: Gutted and amended to be a tribal gaming bill.)

AB 857 – (Cooper-D) Ghost Gun Registration. Requires a person to get a serial number from DOJ before making or assembling a gun. Retroactively requires serial numbers to be placed on (some or numbers of) firearms dating back to 1899. (Update 7/26/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 1135 – (Levine-D, Ting-D) Bullet Buttons. Redefines assault weapons to encompass specified guns capable of accepting any type of detachable magazine. Bans common and constitutionally protected firearms that have magazine locking devices. (Update 7/8/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 1511- (Santiago-D)  Gun Lending. Limits infrequent lending of guns to specified family members. Formerly dealt with energy conservation, but now criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults, including sportsmen and women. (Update 7/8/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 1664 – (Levine-D) Firearms: assault weapons. This bill would define “detachable magazine” to mean an ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm without disassembly of the firearm action, including an ammunition feeding device that can be removed readily from the firearm with the use of a tool. (Update 8/22/16: Senate Floor.)

AB 1673 – (Gipson-D) Firearms: unfinished frame or receiver. This bill would expand the definition of “firearm” for other purposes to include an unfinished frame or receiver that can be readily converted to the functional condition of a finished frame or receiver. (Update 7/8/16: Vetoed by Governor.)

AB 1674 – (Santiago-D) Firearms: waiting period. This bill would make the current 30-day prohibition on handguns applicable to all types of firearms. (Update 7/8/16: Vetoed by Governor.)

AB 1695 – (Bonta-D) Firearms: notice to purchasers: false reports of stolen firearms. This bill would make it a misdemeanor to report to a local law enforcement agency that a firearm has been lost or stolen, knowing that report to be false. (Update 7/8/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 1792 – (Wood-D) Elk tags: Indian tribes. If enacted it will amend Section 332 of the Fish and Game Code mandating CADFW allocate a ‘specific number’ of elk tags to federally-recognized Indian tribes in California for the purpose of cultural or religious ceremonies or celebrations. (Update 8/22/16: Suspense File.)

AB 1798 – (Cooper-D) Firearms- Cell Phone Case. Existing federal law prohibits a person from manufacturing, entering into commerce, shipping, transporting, or receiving any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm unless the firearm contains, or has affixed to it, a marking approved by the federal Secretary of Commerce. Existing state law defines “imitation firearm” as any BB device, toy gun, replica of a firearm, or other device that is so substantially similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm. (Update 8/12/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 1844 – (Gallagher-R) Hunting and fishing licenses: reduced license fees: veterans. This bill would reduce the fee for hunting licenses for veterans. (Update 8/11/16: Placed on Suspense.)

AB 1999 – (Achadjian-R) Prohibited Persons File. This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to the Prohibited Armed Persons File. (Update 8/22/16: Senate Floor.)

AB 2165 – (Bonta-D) Handgun Roster LE Exception. This bill would amend existing law that makes it a crime for any person in this state to manufacture, import into the state, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, give, or lend an unsafe handgun. Those who completed the firearms portion of a training course prescribed by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and training would be exempt.(Update 9/26/16: Signed by Governor.)

AB 2245 – (Cooper-D) CCPOA exemptions to handgun roster.  This bill law makes it a crime for any person in this state to manufacture, import into the state, keep for sale, offer or expose for sale, give, or lend an unsafe handgun. This bill would also make the above prohibition inapplicable to the sale to, or purchase by, a probation department. (Update 8/22/16: Suspense File.)

AB 2361- (Santiago-D) Police Officers.  This bill would authorize an independent institution of higher education, as defined, to designate a person regularly employed as a security officer as a peace officer during the course of and within the scope of his or her employment, as specified, provided that the person successfully completes the course of training described above. (Update 8/22/16: Assembly Floor.)

AB 2481- (Lackey-R) Crossbow discharge. Existing law provides for specified enhancements for the use or discharge of a firearm, or discharge of a firearm that causes serious bodily injury or death, in connection with certain offenses, as specified. This bill would also make those enhancements applicable if the weapon used or discharged is a crossbow. (Update 8/22/16: Held in Public Safety Committee process.)

AB 2510 – (Linder-R) License to carry concealed: uniform license. This bill allows local law enforcement authorities to issue carry concealed weapons (CCW) identification cards approved by the State of California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) as proof that individuals are licensed in the state. (Update 9/26/16: Signed by Governor.)


SB 869 – (Hill-D) Firearms: securing handguns in vehicles. This bill requires a person, when leaving a handgun in a vehicle, to secure the handgun by locking it in the trunk of the vehicle or locking it in a locked container and placing the container out of plain view, and making a violation of these requirements an infraction punishable by a fine. (Update 9/26/16: Signed by Governor.)

SB 880 – (Hall-D) Firearms: assault weapons. This bill would revise the definition of “assault weapon” to mean a semiautomatic centerfire rifle, or a semiautomatic pistol that does not have a fixed magazine but has any one of those specified attributes. (Update 7/8/16: Signed by Governor.)

SB 894 – (Jackson-D) Firearms: lost or stolen: reports. This bill would make a violation of not reporting a theft or loss of a firearm within time allotted and/or report if the firearm is subsequently recovered punishable by a fine. (Update 7/8/16: Vetoed by Governor.)

SB 1332 – (Mendoza-D) Penal Code related to firearms. This bill establishes restrictions and regulations on the loaning of firearms, and mandates the Department of Justice to modify its registration form so that both spouses and domestic partners may register as the owners of a firearm. (Update 9/26/16: Vetoed by Governor.)

SB 1446 – (Hancock-D) Magazine Capacity. This bill prohibits the possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Confiscation of lawfully acquired, standard capacity magazines that can hold over 10 rounds. (Update 7/1/16: Signed by Governor.)


SJR 20 – (Hall-D) Gun violence: research. This measure would urge the Congress of the US to lift a current prohibition against publicly funded scientific research on the causes of gun violence and its effects on public health, and to appropriate funds for the purpose of conducting that research. (Update 7/8/16: Passed and Filed – does not need a signature.)

2016 Bill Status Update

AB 156 – (McCarty-D) Ammunition Regulation. Requires background checks for ammunition purchasers, licenses to sell ammunition, and collection of sale information. Restrictions on ammunition purchases, creates a DOJ database of ammunition owners.  Bans internet / out of stage ammunition purchase. (Update 6/30/16: Inactive)

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