2015 Bill Status Update

March 9, 2015

2015 Bill Status Update 

AB 84 – Forensic testing: DNA samples. This bill would require a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor to which the 10-year prohibition on the possession of a firearm applies, to provide a DNA sample. (Updated 6/1/2015)

AB 96 – Animal parts and products: importation or sale of ivory and rhinoceros horn. Existing law permits the sale of items, including firearms, with ivory and rhinoceros horn features if the ivory and horn were imported prior to June 1, 1977. This bill would delete the current exemption and ban the sale of these items unless it was proven, through documentation, that they were acquired prior to June 1, 1977. (Updated 7/7/2015)

AB 150 – Theft: firearms. This bill would, upon approval by the voters, make the theft of a firearm grand theft in all cases, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison. This bill will restore the theft of a firearm, valued at $950 or less, to a felony; this corrects a consequence of the passage of Proposition 47, in 2014, which made such a theft a misdemeanor. This bill is similar to SB 452. (Updated 6/1/2015)

AB 225 – Gun violence restraining orders: offenses. Current law makes it a misdemeanor to file a false petition for a gun violence restraining order (GVRO).  This bill would make filing a false GVRO petition a felony punishable by imprisonment for up to 4 years. (Updated 5/6/2015)

AB 267 – Criminal procedure: disclosure: felony conviction consequences. This bill would require the court, when the defendant first appears for arraignment on a felony charge, to inform the defendant that accepting a plea or suffering a conviction for a felony results in various consequences, including prohibitions against owning or possessing a firearm. (Updated 6/18/2015)

AB 290 – Game mammals: wild pig depredation. This bill would revise and recast the provisions applicable to wild pigs by, among other things, replacing the wild pig tag requirement with a validation on the hunting license that would allow for the unlimited take and possession of wild pigs.  The bill would set the price of a wild pig validation at $15 for residents and $30 for nonresidents. (Updated 5/6/2015)

AB 298 – Fish and Wildlife: violations. Existing law generally makes any violation of the Fish and Game Code or any rule, regulation, or order made or adopted under the code a misdemeanor. This bill would allow the district attorney to charge certain violations of the Fish and Game Code and Fish and Game Commission regulations as either a misdemeanor or an infraction. (Updated 7/6/2015)

AB 395 – Hunting: nonlead ammunition. This bill would repeal the restriction enacted by AB 711 (2013) which requires the use of nonlead ammunition for the taking of all wildlife with a firearm, including depredation. (Updated 5/6/2015

AB 443 – Forfeiture. This bill was originally introduced to add trafficking in firearms to the list of acts which could constitute criminal profiteering activity.  The bill no longer relates to firearms trafficking and now addresses asset forfeiture in criminal proceedings. (Updated 7/15/2015)

AB 462 – Firearms: waiting period. This bill would eliminate the 10-day waiting period for purchase of a firearm if the purchaser is not prohibited from possessing, receiving, owning, or purchasing a firearm, and the person possesses a firearm as confirmed by the Automated Firearms System (AFS), is authorized to carry a concealed firearm, or possesses a valid Certificate of Eligibility and a firearm as confirmed by the AFS, the Department of Justice shall immediately notify the dealer who shall immediately release the firearm to the person. (Updated 5/6/2015)

AB 494 – Restraining orders: protection of animals. This bill would authorize the court to issue restraining orders or protective orders to enjoin a person to stay away from an animal or forbid a person from, among other things, threatening, harming, or otherwise disposing of an animal. (Updated 6/16/2015)

AB 499 – Archery season: concealed firearms (CRPA-NRA sponsored). This bill would authorize a person with a valid license to carry a firearm capable of being concealed on the person, consistent with the terms of that license, while engaged in the taking of deer with bow and arrow as long as he or she does not take or attempt to take deer with the firearm. (Updated 7/20/2015)

AB 529 – Armed prohibited persons: vehicle registration and driver’s license prohibitions. This bill would require DMV to deny a person issuance of a drivers license and vehicle registration if the person is listed in the Prohibited Armed Persons file. (Updated 4/21/2015)

AB 665 – Hunting or fishing: local regulation. Under current law, a city or county has no authority to regulate fish and game except that a city or county may adopt an ordinance that incidentally affects fishing and hunting for the protection of public health and safety. This bill would clarify that the state has sole authority to regulate the taking and possession of fish and game. (Updated 7/8/2015)

AB 892 – Unsafe handguns: peace officer’s state-issued handguns: transfer to spouse. This bill would allow the purchase of a state-issued handgun by the spouse or domestic partner of a peace officer who died in the line of duty. (Updated 8/13/2015)

AB 950 – Firearms: gun violence restraining orders. This bill would allow a person who is subject to a gun violence restraining order to transfer his or her firearms or ammunition to a licensed firearms dealer for the duration of the prohibition. If the firearms or ammunition have been surrendered to a law enforcement agency, the bill would entitle the owner to have them transferred to a licensed firearms dealer. (Updated 8/13/2015)

AB 1134 – Firearms: concealed firearms licenses. This bill would allow the sheriff of the county in which a city is located to enter into an agreement with the city police to process applications for licenses for a person to carry a concealed handgun, renewals of those licenses, and amendments to those licenses. (Updated 7/15/2015)

AB 1154 – The California Public Records Act: applications for licenses and licenses to carry firearms (CRPA-NRA sponsored). This bill would provide that the California Public Records Act shall not be construed to require the disclosure of the home addresses and telephone numbers of applicants that are set forth in applications to carry firearms or of licensees that are set forth in licenses to carry firearms, as specified. (Updated 5/1/2015)

AB 1427 – Fish and Game Commission: hearings. Current law authorizes the Fish and Game Commission, or any person appointed by the commission to conduct a hearing, to cause the deposition of witnesses, as prescribed, and to compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of documents and papers, in accordance with certain requirements.  This bill would make a technical, nonsubstantive change to that provision. (Updated 5/18/2015)

SB 347 – Firearms: prohibited persons. This bill would add to the list of misdemeanor convictions that would result in a 10-year prohibition on the possession of firearms. (Updated 8/11/2015)

SB 452 – Theft: firearms. This bill would, upon approval by the voters, make the theft of a firearm grand theft in all cases, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison. This bill is similar to AB 150. (Updated 6/1/2015)

SB 566 – Firearms. This bill would reduce the fee for a firearm safety certificate to $15 for an honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces, the National Guard, the Air National Guard, or the active reserve components of the United States, $10 of which is to be paid to the Department of Justice to cover costs. (Updated 6/1/2015)

SB 678 – User-authorized firearms. This bill would make it a misdemeanor for a person to sell, lend, or give a user-authorized firearm (“Smart Gun”) that does not meet specified requirements and would define a user-authorized firearm as a firearm that will only fire when activated by an authorized user. This bill would also require that user-authorized firearms meet certain requirements and be tested and certified by the United States Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center. (Updated 8/11/2015)

SB 707 – Firearms: gun-free school zone. This bill would take away the authority, of persons licensed to carry a concealed firearm, to carry a concealed firearm on a private or public school ground or campus of a university or college. (Updated 7/15/2015)

SB 714 – Firearms. This bill would impose, on persons prohibited from possessing firearms and who have a prior felony conviction, an additional 10-year term in state prison on subsequent, specified firearms convictions. (Updated 5/6/2015)

SB 718 – Hazardous Materials Response and Restoration Subaccount. This bill was originally introduced to rename the Fish & Game Code to the Fish & Wildlife Code.  The bill no longer relates to the name change and has been amended to address funding for reimbursement to wildlife rehabilitation centers for expenses incurred during hazardous material incidents. (Updated 5/20/2015)

2015 Bill Status Update 

AB 84 – Forensic testing: DNA samples. This bill would require a person who has been convicted of a misdemeanor to which the 10-year prohibition on the possession of a firearm applies, to provide a DNA sample. (Updated 6/1/2015)

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