With the new restrictions on sales and transfers of ammunition taking effect July 1, 2019, CRPA & NRA fully expect California licensed ammunition retailers will be inundated with angry and frustrated customers who are unable to purchase ammunition as a result. But businesses and gun owners should know that CRPA, with the support of NRA, has already filed a lawsuit challenging the new laws.

That lawsuit, titled Rhode v. Becerra, is currently pending in federal district court. Six-time Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode is serving as lead plaintiff and is joined by several other law-abiding California gun owners and out-of-state businesses who can no longer sell ammunition directly to their California customers.

Although the lawsuit has already been filed, CRPA is looking to collect statistical information on how the law is affecting ammunition transactions at licensed firearm dealers and ammunition vendors here in California. CRPA’s attorneys will be able to use this information as additional evidence in support of the Rhode lawsuit moving forward.

To that end, gun owners, California licensed firearm dealers, and ammunition vendors can assist in this effort by sending an email to

Additionally, be sure to visit for detailed information regarding the upcoming ammunition sales restrictions, including a helpful flowchart and a recording of the NRA and CRPA hosted webinar. And be sure to visit the NRA-ILA California dedicate webpage at and the CRPA webpage at to sign up for email alerts to stay informed on the Rhode lawsuit and other important Second Amendment related issues


  • I disowned my biological father when I was 10 yrs old. I informally took my step -fathers last name. At 18 I went to the socail security office and had them change my name to my stepfather’s name. All my school records, my ss card, my tax filings, drivers licences, and even my carry permit are all in my Stepfather’s last name. Now because of this new law I am treated like a non documented immigrant in the country i was born in. Up until know there has been no issue. Yes i know how to get everything straightened out legally but that will cost me hundreds if not thousands of dollars. How is this fair?

  • Once again CA lawmakers in Sacramento have implemented a law that will only affect law abiding firearm owners. It will accomplish nothing toward preventing criminals and those who do not obey the law from obtaining ammunition. It will drive a vigorous “black market” as we know that where there is a demand the black market profiteers will fill the void. Ultimately it is a further assault on Californians “2nd Amendment” Rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

  • Doing this is violating the constitutional rights and stealing our money just so Gavin can make more money. Stop giving the criminals advantages to target gun free zones. Our founding fathers approve when government does tyranny we fight back.

  • Please explain to me exactly how this law prevents criminals from stealing the ammunition that they usually use to commit crimes.

  • What can I do. As a gun owner I can’t believe what California is doing and the U.S. I’ve been a responsible gun owner for nearly 50 years. What can I do

  • This new law makes ammo unaffordable for me. Without ammo, firearms are useless. This is a direct infringement of the second amendment.

  • The new ammo laws are not right. I have already competed a background check to purchase guns. Make those without a gun card do the ammo background check. Do a fingerprint check instead. At no cost if your fingerprint shows you own a gun legally then that’s all that’s needed. I already paused my background check when I purchased a gun.

  • I was unable to purchase ammo today, (7-1-19). I went to Walmart and the store had put up a sign saying no ammo sales in California until 7-11 to train the employees. I then went to Big-5. After going through the whole process and waiting almost half an hour,the manager said he was sorry it would be a while longer. I had waited long enough so I left empty handed. Although he called 2 hours later and said it went through, I feel my 2nd amendment rights had been infringed upon. Thanks, Jerry.

  • This law is absurd. I was discharged out of the Army a month ago after 5 years of service, unaware of the new restrictions up for buying new ammunition, I do not obtain a “real ID” nor passport. Being that it came to my attention I tried to buy ammo for this upcoming deer season and at 4 different sporting goods stores I tried, they were completely out of what I need because people have frantically buying ammo because this law is bogus and unconstitutional. I did not serve this country to come back home to be denied ammo to keep me from doing the things I love most because I don’t have a “real ID” to purchase ammo, nor a passport to obtain one. You are not helping crime! Crime will still happen! California, you will leave the law biding citizen with the short end of the stick while you keep coming up with these outrageous gun/ammunition laws. If a criminal enters a home and kills an innocent person because he could not purchase ammunition because he/she does not obtain a “real ID”, who’s fault is it? Yours California!

  • When an unconstitutional law is over turned, the legislators that wrote the law should be sued directly for reimbursement of damages and court costs.

  • I would love for someone to tell me how this Unconstitutional Law is going to deter Gangs, Terrorist, Criminals, Mental Health Issued people from committing Gun violence to others! They don’t follow or obey Laws! All this does is infringe the rights of law abiding citizens.

  • Imagine if the state of California told you they supported your right to print literature on your printing press(thus exercising your first amendment freedoms of speech and press) but at the same time enacted legislation to control and regulate your ability to obtain ink for your printing press. It would be a backdoor way to limit your First Amendment rights, just as the ammo legislation is a backdoor scheme to infringe upon your Second Amendment rights, i.e. to keep
    and bear arms.
    The ink is to the printing press what the ammo is to the gun: the thing that enables the Constitutional right and thus gives the right efficacy. As a competent court would see a government-controlled program to restrict your access to ink for printing as a violation of the Constitution’s First Amendment, so too would I hope that the court would view government-controlled ammo access in the same light.

  • This new law is totally against our 2nd amendment right. I should be able to purchase ammunition any where I choose to and not be limited to California. The back ground check does not keep the ammunition from criminals as it only penalizes the law abiding citizens and costing more money when our back ground has already been checked and cleared.

  • All this is a backdoor to total firearms registration in this state. Everyone needs to get off their ass and do whatever you can to fight this …vote these clowns out of office and quit punishing the legal citizens of this state

  • Wһen I initially cоmmented I ϲlicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get several e-mails with the sаme comment.

    Is there any way you can remove people from that serᴠice?

    Bless yoս!

  • These new laws only benefit the criminals. The sad thing is
    The politicians know this and don’t care, their aim is to disarm america

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