CRPAnews Alert: OC Gun Show Contracts Renewed

October 25, 2018

“Crossroads of the West gun show is our top revenue producing client…”
– Kathy Kramer, CEO of Orange County Fair & Events

Some ground was gained back today in Orange County for the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows. All 6 upcoming show contracts were approved in a unanimous vote this morning at the OC Fair & Events Administration building in Costa Mesa.

CRPA staff attended and were ready to stand and fight for the remainder of the 2018 gun shows. We were met with absolutely no opposition from the public or the board. We might attribute this incident to public support or indifference for the shows, or the fact that these meetings are held during working hours. Either way, we will take the win!

This gave us hope that this showing reflects the public’s stance on gun shows, that they are a necessary and welcomed event that provide the OC Fair & Events Center with some much-needed revenue.

Even Board Member, Ashleigh Aitkin voted in favor of renewing the gun show contracts, much to our surprise. Aitken is running for the mayoral seat in Anaheim and has shown contempt for these shows in the past. However, with the election coming up on the heels of those seeking office, candidates might appeal to the majority of the Orange County population that enjoys either exercising or merely the idea of their Second Amendment rights.

CRPA will keep up with the status of these gun show contracts and send out alerts should their existence be threatened again.

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