CA DOJ Releases Report on Data Leak of Gun Owner Information

November 30, 2022

The CA DOJ release a report today on the investigation into the data leak of thousands of gun owners’ personal and private information. In June of this year CRPA made members away of a data leak where the confidential information of gun owners was made public on an internet site that is operated by the CA DOJ. Even though the information was only available for approximately 24 hours, many were damaged by this leak including those in law enforcement, judges, and those in dangerous relationships.

CRPA created a landing page to keep members updated as the story unfolded and just recently, after finding out that the class action that another group was bringing had died, CRPA immediately sprang into action to make sure that members knew that they need to file a Government Claim Form by December 20, 2022 in order to preserve their right to sue down the road. Please make sure to read how to file a claim even if you don’t know if you would like to file an individual lawsuit or not. There are samples and resources on this page to help in completing the form.

CRPA and our legal team will be providing more information on the investigation outcome and the report in the coming days.