Well OF COURSE! State Appeals Roster Case

March 27, 2023

Seemingly unfazed by last week’s ruling, the Bruen decision, and even the US Constitution, the State of California today appealed the ruling that struck down significant aspects of its “safe” handgun roster.

Judge Cormac Carney last week ruled that the requirements for inclusion on the roster were unconstitutional, essentially undermining the roster itself.  The state’s impossible-to-meet requirements, such as microstamping, kept any new firearms from being sold in California.  That essentially worked AGAINST allowing the sale of newer, SAFER firearms…exactly the opposite of what the law purported to accomplish.

Also endangered was the clever little scheme passed by the Legislature that called for three firearms on the roster to be removed any time a new one was added.  Why, because they were now unsafe?  No, because the agenda is clear: End “gun culture” by taking away the ability to even purchase one in the first place.

We in the Second Amendment community have seen this agenda for quite some time and no amount of mainstream media blathering justifies the attacks we fend off on a daily basis.  This “safe” handgun roster is a perfect example.  It has kept no one safe.  Its true aim has been to deny Second Amendment rights to law abiding Californians.

We will keep you updated on what are bound to be very…interesting…arguments made by the state.  Thankfully, we have the hammer of the Bruen decision on our side!

PLEASE CONTRIBUTE to make sure we can see this case through to the end!  THE ROSTER MUST GO!