Ten Powerful Arguments Against “Gun Control”

December 7, 2015

The fantastic list below – from our friends at List Verse – lays out ten of the best arguments against “gun control.”

10.  There’s still murder in countries where handguns are banned. The United Kingdom banned handguns in 1997 after a man shot 16 elementary students and then shot himself. Let’s look at the UK’s homicide rate before, during, and after the ban… In 1996, the murder rate was 1.12 per 100,000 people. In 1997, it rose to 1.24. In 1998, the rate rose even further to 1.43. And in 2002, it peaked at 2.1 homicides per 100,000. Just because you ban guns, doesn’t mean people won’t find other ways to massacre other human beings.

9.  Limiting assault rifles limits your Second Amendment rights. If the government restricts types of rifles or limits the amount of rounds, there’s no limit to what else they will restrict. The infringement of your constitutional rights won’t just stop at the type of arms you can bear. Who knows what other rights they’ll take away… free speech, freedom of religion…

8.  The Second Amendment is not intended for just ordinary home defense. Its intent was to guarantee the nation could never be overcome by any military power, foreign or domestic. If the military was not available… say a nuclear holocaust or a synchronized Pearl Harbor occurred… you would have to protect yourself. If you were limited to non-assault rifles, any invader with an AK-47 would have an easy day.

7.  Armed civilians help take out the bad guys. I’m referring to the first modern mass shooting in Austin, Texas in 1966. A sniper in a tower shot at University of Austin students for 90 minutes. The police who reacted had help. Students went to their trucks and grabbed their rifles and shot along side of the police. It was enough to pin the shooter down and allow the police to take the shooter out. Police then thanked the civilians for helping them fire on the shooter.

6.  Shooters will get access to a gun, even with strict gun laws in place. In 2009, a German high school student went on a rampage and killed 15 people. He did not have a gun. He used his father’s 9 mm. Even in a country with strict gun laws, a shooter was able to find one and use it.

5.  Gun rights will protect you from a police state. Edward Snowden brought our diminishing constitutional rights to light. “Big Brother” is not a myth. It’s a violation of the constitution. If the government doesn’t protect your right, what will?

4.  Rampage shooters like soft targets. They’re targeting elementary schools, churches, and theaters… not places where you’d think guns are likely to be… Hell’s Angels’ bars, Scarface’s house in Miami, or a police station.

3.  Prohibition didn’t stop alcohol… gun control won’t stop guns. The people who prospered during Prohibition by importing and supplying alcohol were gangsters like Al Capone. If gun control were in place, the people we’d really have to worry about would be the modern-day Al Capone supplying guns.

2.  Laws don’t apply to criminals. This is simple enough. Gun control does not address the issue of gun-related crimes. In 2010, gun sales in Chicago were verboten. There were 432 murders in 2010 and 500 in 2012. The FBI named Chicago the nation’s murder capital. If a criminal is going to break the law, they will find a way.

1.  The world isn’t perfect… and you can’t regulate it to perfection. There’s about one gun for every citizen inside the U.S. already. It would be impossible to collect this massive trove of guns. Even if the government wanted to, they could not control guns already present… or guns that would find their way into those hands who want them.   Click here for the original article on The Crux.

The fantastic list below – from our friends at List Verse – lays out ten of the best arguments against “gun control.”

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