New From CRPA TV: State Takes Big “L” on One-A-Month Law

March 12, 2024

As we informed you this morning, the State of California (or at least those of our leaders hungry for gun control) suffered a major blow in the case of Nguyen v. Bonta.  In an emphatic ruling, Judge William Hayes issued a summary judgment striking down the law barring firearm purchases less than 30 days apart.

CRPA host Kevin Small recaps the ruling in the latest installment of CRPA TV…  
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The so-called “one-a-month” law represents one of the most blatantly unconstitutional gun laws, which is really saying something in California.  Think of any other fundamental right treated in such a manner.

Free speech?  Sure, but no more than two tweets a week. Just another example of lawmakers treating the Second Amendment like a second class right.

We can be fairly certain that the state will appeal this ruling and that it will be stayed until that appeal is heard, but it’s always good to acknowledge a well-reasoned ruling!