New from CRPA TV: Is Microstamping Making a Comeback?

February 14, 2024

Any time we take a poll or have an opportunity to engage with members of the 2A community, California’s handgun “roster” always seems to be right at the top of everyone’s list of most hated restrictions.

The law, being challenged by CRPA’s Boland v. Bonta case, certainly does have a lot of head-scratching aspects to it.  Prevent new technology from being available in the interest of safety?  Implement requirements that aren’t even technologically feasible?  And the real kicker: Three firearms come off the roster every time one is added?

It’s a laughably unconstitutional law that CRPA is working diligently to eradicate.  As most things go in the Ninth Circuit, however, the path is a bit of a slog.  CRPA Legislative Director Rick Travis stopped by CRPA TV today to talk about the latest on microstamping, one of the bizarre requirements firearms must meet to qualify for inclusion on the roster and, thus, be eligible for sale in the state.

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