New From CRPA TV: How The Kittson Case Impacts Bruen

May 28, 2024

When the Bruen decision came down nearly two years ago, there was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth among the gun control crowd.  Fighting back against the new standard become Job #1 and we all knew activist judges would play games trying to evade it.  But at least one thing seemed clear: Second Amendment challenges would now at least have to USE the Bruen standard.

In the case of U.S. v. Kittson, however, we see Bruen just being shoved aside.  No, not clever wordsmithing or outrageous claims about what is and isn’t an “arm” (though those tactics are employed as well), but just blatantly skipping the ‘historical analog” test put in place by Bruen.

In the latest installment of CRPA TV, CRPA attorney Kostas Moros provides insight into how the Kittson case, and others like it, will impact the future of Bruen as we head, seemingly inexorably, toward the Supreme Court clarifying how and when the standard must be applied.


While it may seem like a fight on a distant shore compared to cases we’re fighting here in California, like the roster, “sensitive places”, and the right to even purchase ammunition, if Bruen is allowed to simply be cast aside, we are back where we were two years ago.  Any 2A restriction can be justified simply because a legislature or a judge says it is so.

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