More on CRPA v. LA Sheriff’s Department

December 7, 2023

As announced Monday, CRPA took a huge step in our ongoing campaign to ensure the every jurisdiction in California follows the procedures required by the Bruen decision as they administer their CCW application and issuance processes.

Our newest lawsuit, CRPA v. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, seeks to rectify some of the obstacles faced by CCW applicants in both LA County and in the City of La Verne, which is a separately named defendant in the suit. 

As summarized by attorney Kosta Moros in a special edition of CRPA TV yesterday, CRPA has been working diligently in every county in California since the Bruen decision, pointing out in detail where procedures needed to be adjusted to comply with the new standard.  Those efforts produced significant results.  Even San Francisco was forced to issue its first CCW permit in YEARS.

Others simply didn’t, or wouldn’t, follow the law…and the impacts were egregious.  Los Angeles County is now taking 18 months to process applications, while even the ridiculous SB 2 would require processing in 120 days.  La Verne charges close to $1,000 for a CCW permit, where other jurisdictions charge more like $400-$600.

While focused on LA County, this case will provide case law will support similar challenges elsewhere, perhaps even throughout the Ninth Circuit.
Thanks to all who have supported this effort through your first-hand accounts of the challenges you’ve encountered.  These have been CRUCIAL to this effort, so keep them coming!