Late Ruling Stays SB 2 Injunction

January 1, 2024
Just before the end of the year, an en banc panel from the Ninth Circuit issued an order staying the injunction that would have stopped SB 2 from taking effect.  The order is extraordinarily terse, but then, what do you say when the law and the facts don’t support your ruling?

The order reverses the injunction put in place less than two weeks ago, and allows the law to go forward pending the case being heard on the merits.For lawful gun owners in California, the new law:

  • Identifies 26 categories of places as “sensitive”, in which concealed carry is not allowed even with a permit
  • Continues the state’s ban on standard capacity magazines
  • Adds new criteria to the CCW application process relating to “disqualified persons”

Perhaps more importantly, the ruling continues the trend of anti-2A judges manipulating the interpretation of the Bruen decision to justify their pre-determined ends.

“CRPA will fight on in this case to be sure,” promised CRPA President & General Counsel Chuck Michel. “The restrictions imposed by SB 2 are justified by word games intended to end run the Constitution and Bruen. It is critical to get this law overturned and even more vital to ensure the methodology of Bruen is clarified nationwide.”