Kostas Moros Joins CRPA TV to Talk SB 2 and CCW’s

October 27, 2023

Attorney Kostas Moros is a warrior for the Second Amendment.  His work on CCW issuance in California since Bruen (which we lovingly refer to as Club 58) has produced significant and tangible results even in the most anti-2A counties.  

In the latest installment of CRPA TV, Kostas stops by to update progress on CCW, as well as to discuss interrelated issues, such as SB 2, on which he’s also working.

How did resistant jurisdictions react in the wake of Bruen, and how have they been forced into compliance?

How does SB 2 impact the ongoing fight over CCW delays?

How do Newsom’s larger political ambitions impact California’s gun policy and ongoing litigation?

Is California “on the ropes” with regard to their gun control agenda?

Host Kevin Small explores these and other issues with one of the star Second Amendment defenders in California.  Watch CRPA TV now!

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