Election ’24: You Ready?

January 9, 2024

The Presidential election year has begun and soon we’ll be inundated with claims from all political perspectives about how this is Most Important Election Ever.  And lately, it’s hard to argue.

Economic woes continue, despite constant claims of good news. Crime runs rampant, with the only response being to attack those NOT committing them.  And you can throw in homelessness, deteriorating infrastructure, and (at least) a $68 billion deficit facing the state.

CRPA’s Rick Travis talked about what’s facing the state in 2024 in his most recent Firing Line radio show (Click to listen to part ONE and part TWO).

So the stakes are high, indeed, and performing our civic duty as informed voters is, as always, critical.

Some milestone dates (and links) of note:

NOWGet Registered if you are not already!
February 6th Mail-In Voting Begins
February 20thEarly Voting Centers Open
March 5th – Primary Election Day (Find your polling place)

Most important?  Get informed! CRPA is here to help with our voter guides for State Legislative, Local, and National offices. Joining your local CRPA Chapter will boost your knowledge and give you an opportunity to impact local elections in a meaningful way.

They say we get the government we deserve…so let’s let our efforts be worthy of electing leaders that focus on the real problems and apply real solutions.  Go Get ‘Em CRPA members!