CRPA Special Alert: NRA and CRPA Attorneys Oppose California’s Request to Immediately Halt “Large-Capacity” Magazine Ruling

April 2, 2019 – NRA and CRPA Attorneys Oppose California’s Request to Immediately Halt “Large-Capacity” Magazine Ruling

Details Below:

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  • None of it. In fact, they ignore the fact the the 2nd Amendment applies to ALL guns, no matter the capacity or how fast they fire. Governments don’t care about rights though, they care about control. They rely upon ignorance for support from the masses, such as the rampant ignorance in CA and other Socialist states.

  • Completely confused here. it sounds as though in your California Special Alert letter in section 5, under BEWARE that your saying Duncan v. Becerra, case no.: 3:17-CV-1017-BEN (JBL) does not apply to ar platformed rifles that use a device like the ARMagLock?

  • Not being able to use them in semiautomatic centerfire rifles with a “fixed magazine” is unconstitutional, the implications of this ruling is that law will be struck down as well.

  • Seemingly, quite a bit since they have likely not read it in its entirety or with a reasonable desire to comprehend and support it. Oye.

  • I purchased several mags on line last night. After reading this, I cancelled the order this morning. I’m moving the hell out of California ASAP anyway, I don’t want to get a striped tan before I go. I want to see where everything lays when the dust settles.

  • Does this ruling allow for standard magazines on “fixed magazine” ARs? It would seem that PC 30515 would still prohibit them for those rifles.

  • I moved to Florida October of 2018 from California because of the STUPID, SOCILIST POLITICAL CLIMATE. There is not one “Demorat” in California that is not Certifiably INSANE. I love FLORIDA.

  • The discussion deals with online purchase, ownership and use. What about shipping previously purchased magazines into the state that have been stored out of state, or bringing in magazines recently purchased in another state and physically brought back to CA?

  • Glock 33 round ‘standard’ magazines already ordered. standard BECAUSE THAT’S THE WAY THE MANUFACTURE MADE THEM.
    they won’t get here by 5PM tomorrow. oh well.

  • So if I understand this correctly, if a California Resident bought LCM’s before the the 4/5/19 5:00pm PST deadline, they are ok to purchase own and possess them regardless of when they might ship in from out of State, but they just can’t USE them at the range or for sporting, hunting or for personal or home defense??? Why even buy them then?! Sounds like a dumb thing to do and a waste of money…given the risks and futility…Id rather give my money to for the appeal battle that is coming to supreme court on this matter in a couple of years (hopefully)…

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