CRPA Wins In 2019 and Moving Forward

January 9, 2020


No other 2A group in California can compare with CRPA’s WIN record!

For instance, look at some of the wins CRPA achieved in 2019:

  1. NRA vs Los Angeles Win (December) –In this big time battle in court with the City of Los Angeles, we stood alongside the NRA in their fight against discrimination and blacklisting of people and businesses that had supported the NRA’s message of safety, freedom, and self-reliance. LA’s blacklist law was stuck down as unconstitutional, and all gun owners can be proud for choosing a gun for sport or to defend your family.
  2. Gavin’s Bad Bills (October) – CRPA fought back (and is still fighting) against Newsom’s series of infamously horrendous anti-gun bills, which the California Governor signed in October. Its part of his effort to murder the “gun culture” and further destroy our 2A freedoms. We stopped several bad bills, but Newsom signed some whoppers too. CRPA is ready to challenge these in court if we have the funding.
  3. Ventura County Gun Show Win (July) – We worked with grassroots activists, CRPA members, and our talented legal team to secure the future of the gun shows at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. We WON that fight when the Ventura County Fair Board, after much deliberation and research, found the gun shows do not pose a danger to their community and are lawful activity just like any other trade show.
  4. Del Mar Fairgrounds Gun Show Win (June) – CRPA filed a lawsuit against the Del Mar Fairgrounds to fight off the anti-gun groups and save the Crossroads of the West Gun Show. We secured a major win for our 2A rights with a preliminary injunction that allows the gun shows to continue. It looks like this precedent setting win may save gun shows across the state, and maybe the country!
  5. Duncan v Becerra Lawsuit Win (March) – We brought Californians “Freedom Week” that resulted in over a million 10+ round self defense and target standard capacity magazines being brought in the state and purchased legally. Of course, CRPA doesn’t just want freedom for a week. We want if FOREVER, and the litigation is still going on to make sure we get it.
  6. SCOTUS Movement (Ongoing) – CRPA joined the fight in Washington with an important amicus brief in the NYSRPA v. Cuomo case as big politicians aim to shame our “gun culture.” We’re committed to continuing our support for 2A freedoms at the Supreme Court level, and to pursuing more pro 2A litigation once we get a ruling from the Supreme Court.

We’re fighting back in multiple courts, organizing pro-2A events, forming local CRPA Chapters, promoting pro-2A programs, and much, much more. In reality, we need to raise more funds in order to keep up the momentum.

WE MUST END THIS YEAR STRONG — and right now is the best time to raise the funds CRPA needs to take back our freedoms. Anti-gun groups are raising big money heading into the election year, and we need to be ready to push back on all fronts.



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