CRPA Video: 2A Lawyer on Duncan v. Becerra Judgement


  • I love all the footage of ARs and bump stocks as if either of those are significant to whether a Glock 19 holds 10 or 15 rounds. That’s what passes for objective reporting I guess.

  • The stock footage being shown in this clip is the operation of a bump stock. It is misleading and to the uninformed just reinforces the ridiculous notion that “High Capacity Magazines” are associated with “automatic assault weapons” and perpetuates the fear and ignorance of those people.

  • I dont get how this law even passed in 2000, it’s unconstitutional. All the other states can buy any gun and have any size magazine. Arizona has open carry and you don’t hear about mass shootings over there.

    Guns save people when their is a crazy person behind a gun. If there’s people armed they can take out the shooter in less than a few mins. There has been many case studies that show this is true. Need to have security guards heavily arms and teachers armed too.

    Mass shooters go to places where theres a bunch of unarmed people. They need to make it where crazy people can’t get guns. This law is making regular people into felons, it’s a dumb law if you ask me.

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