CRPA Still Fighting To Stop The Slaughter In Catalina

November 16, 2023

In a recent email, we informed our members of the grotesque plan hatched by the Catalina Conservancy to fly snipers over Catalina Island to slaughter the local mule deer population. Since that time, CRPA has been aggressive, working with allies that include the residents of Avalon to fight back against this hideous strategy.

In the latest installment of CRPA TV, CRPA Legislative Director Rick Travis stops by to provide an update on our efforts, which include the passage of an ordinance by the Avalon City Council which will prevent the implementation of the slaughter within city limits.

That still leaves the remainder of the island and trying to figure out the proper authorities to work with on that land is a headache in and of itself.  Still, CRPA and other groups opposed to this plan remain hard at work, exploring legal and other options with an eye toward putting a stop to it.

Thank you to those who have supported CRPA in this effort thus far!  Your contributions drive our work forward, and we are NOT DONE YET!