CRPA Statement: Plans to Challenge the New 11% Excise Tax on Firearm and Ammunition Sales

May 31, 2024

BREAKING!  CRPA intends to challenge the 11% excise tax set to begin July 1.  We are seeking plaintiffs, likely FFL’s that will be disproportionately impacted by the onerous new tax.  Drop us a line at potentialplaintiffs@michellawyers.com if interested!

CRPA is receiving many questions about the new 11% firearm and ammunition excise tax that takes effect on July 1, 2024. CRPA and our strategic partners are well aware of this new tax and are working to put together a plan to challenge it in court. We recognize that this new tax, which will be collected from consumers through firearm and ammunition retailers, represents a substantial financial burden on law-abiding gun owners.

CRPA is actively collaborating with other like-minded organizations, all of whom want to challenge this tax if legally possible. We are exploring viable strategies and potential legal avenues that could form the basis of an effective court challenge to this preposterous excise tax. We recognize that California’s imposition of this tax is already being considered in states hostile to the right to keep and bear arms and that if we can’t stop it, it will likely be passed in other states. So this is an issue of national importance.

One legal procedural obstacle that we want to avoid spending time and money litigating is legal “standing” to challenge the tax. Under the law, generally, a tax can only be challenged after it is paid, and no one will be paying the tax until July 1. We are already working with retailers to put together a group of volunteer plaintiffs that unquestionably have legal standing to challenge the tax

CRPA remains vigilant in our commitment to defending the rights of gun owners and will continue to work tirelessly to fight the imposition of taxes like this, as well as our ongoing courtroom and legislative battles to fight other infringements on our Second Amendment rights and freedoms.

Your continued support and patience are greatly appreciated as we navigate these complex legal landscapes. Thank you for standing with the CRPA in our ongoing fight to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights.

Want to contribute to helping strike this tax?  Donate today: https://donorbox.org/litigationvictoryfund

C.D. Michel
President and General Counsel, California Rifle & Pistol Association