CRPA Issues Final Warnings to Sheriffs Delaying CCW Issuance

September 20, 2022

In letters sent yesterday, CRPA’s legal team issued a final warning to sheriffs who have failed to observe the clear mandate of the NYSRPA v Bruen decision to expedite CCW application processing.  CRPA continues to fight for specific changes in light of the Supreme Court’s landmark decision.

In many cases, these same foot-dragging sheriffs have been contacted multiple times by CRPA demanding that they fulfill their sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution.  Vague application processes, excessive wait times, and subjective criteria are just a few of the tactics being used in some counties to delay lawful citizens from exercising what is now well recognized as a fundamental right.  Even the hope of legislation to muddy the waters on CCW issuance went awry as CRPA and others secured the defeat of SB 918 in the closing hours of the legislative session.  As CRPA’s most recent letters firmly assert, there is simply no reason for further delays.

CRPA stressed in earlier letters a willingness to be patient with departments that were acting in good faith to honor the NYSRPA decision.  In the letters delivered yesterday, CRPA demands each recipient sheriff provide a “detailed and reasonable plan” for bringing their department in line with the NYSRPA decision and with the Constitution, and even offers assistance to help make those plans a reality.

Barring that, CRPA has put each department on notice that legal action will be filed to ensure their compliance.

Are you having trouble getting a CCW permit in your home county?  Let us know!  Email contact@crpa.org today! Please also visit our full page on CCW regulations and the work CRPA is doing to keep jurisdictions issuing CCWS post Bruen. CCW Issues in California – CRPA

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