CRPA & GOC Files Comments on Proposed DOJ CCW Regulations

December 19, 2023
This morning, CRPA and Gun Owners of California submitted our comments in relation to the emergency regulations circulated by the Department of Justice that would make the CCW application and issuance process even more cumbersome than it is already.

CRPA TV‘s Kevin Small recorded a new episode focusing on the regulations and their potential impacts that helps walk through what can be a complicated process. Click to watch NOW.

The comments begin by challenging the state’s assertion that these regulations should go into effect immediately and NOT be subject to the Administrative Procedures Act (APA).  The APA process for promulgating such regulations allows ample time for the public to review and comment but the state has instead sought to avoid that process.

From there, the letter goes on to point out how the proposed regulations would produce further delays in CCW processing.  These new proposed emergency regulations strictly limit which instructors can provide CCW training in a system that already has a heavy load of too many students and not enough classes. They represent a clear attempt to slow the processing of CCWs in the state even as CCW applications have increased significantly since the Bruen decision.

The Proposed Text of the emergency regulation and the Finding of Emergency are posted on the Department’s website at https://oag.ca.gov/regulations.

Thanks to all of you who submitted your own comments to the DOJ.  The more voices that are heard, the better our chances of beating back this blatant attempt to diminish rights through bureaucracy.

We know these attacks will NOT STOP and we are thankful to all who contribute to….