CRPA Files Opposition to Ninth Circuit Stay

April 30, 2020

CRPA Legal Team Files Opposition To Ninth Circuit Stay And The Battle Continues

April 30, 2020- We told you last week that CRPA was not giving up the fight for your right to have access to ammunition and we meant it! Just moments ago our legal team filed an Opposition to the Stay that was issued last week by the Ninth Circuit which ended the preliminary injunction granted in the Rhode v. Becerra case.

The federal court’s preliminary injunction put an end to ammunition restrictions in California, but the State swiftly acted with an emergency stay request to the Ninth Circuit which was granted late Friday night.

The initial preliminary injunction was clearly based on sound constitutional principles, but the Ninth Circuit used the stay to buy themselves more time. This type of back and forth with the various levels of the court is why we need your continued support. It is not over until its over and CRPA will continue to protect your rights through the entire process.

Please join us in fighting this epic battle by clicking here.

To read the full Opposition Motion and stay updated on all case activity- Click Here.

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