Contra Costa County Sheriff to Address CCW Backlog

February 9, 2023

In the wake of the Bruen decision last summer, applications for concealed carry permits exploded.  Contra Costa County was no exception, as the Sheriff’s office there was besieged by applications, which, unfortunately, were going largely unprocessed.  Enter CRPA and our legal team, which has been actively pressing reluctant jurisdictions up and down the state to implement CCW application processes that respect the affirmative and fundamental right conveyed by the Second Amendment.

After months of communication, the Sheriff notified CRPA this week that additional staff has been added and 100 applications have already been processed.  Not bad for an office that was accustomed to 20 applications per year in the past.  Sheriff David Livingston even closed his letter by citing his own concerns about last year’s horrendous SB 918:

“Recent rushed state CCW legislation proposed in response to last month’s U.S. Supreme Court decision seems to create unfair and unnecessary burdens on law-abiding citizens who seek to lawfully obtain a CCW permit, yet it does nothing to address the thousands of guns carried illegally by criminals on our streets every day.” writes Sheriff Livingston. “What’s wrong with this picture?”

Good question Sheriff!

Club 58 keeps rolling on, ensuring that every one of California’s 58 counties implements a CCW application process that respects the Bruen decision. 

Join us!