City of Burbank To Consider Moratorium On Gun Retailers

July 23, 2022

At its meeting next , Tuesday July 26th, the Burbank City Council will consider a proposed ordinance placing a moratorium on the establishment of new firearm retailers in the city.  The City Council meeting begins at 4:30 pm at Burbank City Hall, 275 East Olive Avenue in Burbank.  CRPA filed a letter with the City Council opposing the ordinance, and we urge our members (and all interested parties) to attend the meeting and speak during Public Comment or provide eComments to urge the Council to reject this ordinance!

Like most gun laws, this ordinance is billed as protecting public safety despite ZERO evidence that such a moratorium will have any impact on crime.  There is no evidence linking the location of gun stores to a proliferation of crime in that area; in fact, many of the most crime-ridden areas in America have few or no gun stores at all.

Firearm retailer are already among the most heavily regulated industries.  Firearm retailers in California must meet requirements  relating to firearm storage, restrictions on the sale or transfer of firearms, and recordkeeping and inspection, as well as submit to regular audits from the Department of Justice.  On top of those requirements, to operate in Burbank you must also maintain at all times:

  • A valid FFL
  • A valid Seller’s Permit issued by the State Board of Equalization
  • A valid Certificate of Eligibility issued by the Department of Justice
  • A listing on the Department of Justice Centralized List of Firearms Dealers

Removing gun stores from the community not only does nothing to prevent crime, it removes a valuable resource for local citizens.  Firearm retailers ensure that firearms are purchased and processed in accordance with California state law, provide information about California’s complex gun laws, and serve as a key source of information for residents regarding the skills, knowledge, and attitude necessary for the safe handling, storage, and use of firearms.




Download a copy of the City of Burbank’s proposed ordinance

Link to eComment on City of Burbank Agenda Items (Moratorium is Item #8 on the agenda)