California Requested Stay on Ammunition Injunction-DENIED

California Attorney General Becerra Seek Stay of Injunction in Ammunition Case- DENIED

April 24, 2020- Attorney General Becerra filed a motion to stay the recent injunction granted in Rhode v. Becerra case just yesterday that allows Californian’s to purchase ammunition from out of state retailers and without a background check.

The Attorney General sought this immediate action because he is  afraid that “ammunition vendors have already started selling ammunition without background checks, creating the near certainty that prohibited persons will have access to ammunition.” This is the same argument that the state FAILED to prove during the injunction hearing, but a failed argument is all they have.

Let’s be clear, they have no proof that a prohibited person is purchasing ammunition through the standard channels of buying ammunition, but we do have proof that lawful citizens’ rights are being heavily impacted.

This is just another play in California’s attempt to keep firearms and ammunition out of the hands of those that choose to use their firearm for lawful purposes without having any proof that these kind of laws affect the public safety and prohibit criminals from buying ammunition. The court saw through these shenanigans and has officially DENIED the motion to stay. The order from the court showed an accurate application of the law and the protection of your rights and we are not ready to give that up.

Let the “Freedom Weekend” of purchasing ammunition begin!

CRPA is committed to continuing this fight for you.  We are fairly certain that the state will seek a Ninth Circuit Court stay next week. We will keep you informed.

Please support the on-going litigation efforts of the CRPA as we push to make this injunction permanent. Click here to donate.

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