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Come July 1, 2019, CRPA fully expects California licensed ammunition retailers will be inundated with angry and frustrated customers who are unable to buy ammunition as a result of California’s new onerous sales restrictions. Businesses and individual gun owners alike should be aware, however, that CRPA is currently litigating these restrictions in federal court in a lawsuit titled Rhode v. Becerra. Your business can help in those litigation efforts.

CRPA is looking to collect statistical information from businesses regarding how the upcoming July 1, 2019, ammunition sales restrictions affect individual purchases. CRPA is asking any ammunition vendors who are willing and able to collect information on the number of times they are forced to turn away potential customers because the customer did not have the necessary ID or other required information.

CRPA is also asking ammunition vendors to collect any information regarding the number of times a customer is denied the required electronic DOJ approval, whether it be an AFS check, a COE verification, or a full-scale background check. Any information concerning the specific reason for a denial or failure to process a transaction would also be helpful should the customer be willing to provide that information.

Lastly, CRPA is looking for any information regarding processing times for any of the required transaction methods, both in terms of how long it takes a sales associate to gather and submit the information as well as how long it takes for DOJ to issue a response.

Should you be able to assist CRPA in this endeavor, please contact CRPA’s attorneys at Michel & Associates, P.C., by sending an email to

For More Information

For more information on the Rhode v. Becerralawsuit challenging all of California’s new ammunition sales restrictions, be sure to visit CRPA’s website at www.CRPA.organd the NRA’s website at And be sure to subscribe to CRPA and NRA email alerts to stay informed on the latest developments regarding this case.




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