AB 173: What Are The Dangers & How Can You Protect Yourself?

January 18, 2022

As most of you know by now, last year’s passage of AB 173 may endanger the privacy of gun and ammo buyers by turning their personal information over to the University of California for research.  In a recent analysis of the new law, the CRPA legal team lays out the true impacts.

The problem with AB 173 is that it tracks along with the same laws that have been on the books in California for decades. In 1977 the California Legislature enacted the Information Practices Act of 1977 (“IPA”) to address these issues and the lack of effective laws and legal remedies. The IPA specifically sought to protect the privacy of individuals as a result of an increase in the use of computers to store and disseminate personal information. In general, the IPA prohibits California state agencies from disclosing any personal information in a manner that would link the information to the individual to whom it pertains absent limited circumstances. The interesting thing is that it is not MANDATED that government agencies release data for scientific purposes, only that it MAY release that information. Firearm purchases and transaction data (not including personal identification information) is just another set of data that the state believes they have the right to release.

While AB 173 is certainly concerning to many gun owners, the real issue comes if a government agency does release the wrong information which personally identifies individuals and damage is caused. Should either DOJ or the California Firearm Violence Research Center fail to comply with the requirements of either the IPA or the restrictions imposed by AB 173 regarding the use of personal information, individuals affected may be able to pursue legal action. But to be successful on such a claim, plaintiffs must be able to prove both liability and resulting damages.

“Gun culture” remains the enemy of the progressive elite.  They are so blinded by their own bias that they ignore the rampant crime wave that grips most of our urban cities.  Instead, they look to lawful gun owners, stripping away rights any way they can.

CRPA attorneys are working to bring all possible legal challenges to AB 173. In the meantime, should you be made aware of your personal information being improperly disclosed as a result of AB 173, please contact the CRPA legal team immediately by calling (562) 216-4444 or by sending an email to helpdesk@michellawyers.com It is important to track potential violations of the law for future litigation.

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