CRPA Files Amicus Brief in Young v. Hawaii Case

CRPA Files Amicus Brief in Young v. Hawaii Case


June 4, 2020- The California Rifle & Pistol Association filed an amicus brief with the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in the case Young v. Hawaii today. Under Hawaii law, the ability to lawfully carry a handgun is confined to those who can prove an “exceptional” need for self-defense or those that are engaged in the protection of life and property or have an urgent need.

A three-judge panel already held that this type of harsh limitation violates the “core of the Second Amendment and is void.” This is because Hawaii law essentially made it impossible for those in the state to exercise their Second Amendment right to bear arms unless they were a security guard or the like. Several members of the Hawaii Rifle Association attempted to get licenses to carry open and concealed and were unilaterally denied. CRPA has joined with our brothers and sisters in Hawaii to fight these injustices.

Why is this important to California gun owners? Because while the government can regulate the public bearing of arms, it can not totally ban it. It is also significant because Hawaii falls under the same Ninth Circuit jurisdiction as California. CRPA currently has a related case working its way through the courts (Flanagan v. Becerra) and rulings in this matter from Hawaii could have implications for our similar case here in California.

CRPA is always working to insure that cases that could impact your rights here in California are tracked and that we provide solid legal support for the court to consider. This is an important time for the Second Amendment and we will continue to fight to protect your rights.


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