Three Anti-2A Bills Pass Safety Committee

AB 879: Gipson. Firearms — Precursor Parts

Yesterday, AB 879 passed Senate Public Safety on a 5 to 1 vote.  This bill will complicate sales of firearm precursor parts tremendously, as well as jam up the already backlogged DOJ. In his testimony, Assemblymember Gipson shamelessly used the recent death of an officer killed in the line of duty to push forward his agenda, stating in part that, “If this bill had been passed, she would still be alive!” This is simply not true. In 2013 DOJ identified a backlog of over 20,000 APPS subjects—known Armed Prohibited Persons. CRPA was there yesterday to remind the Assemblymember that, according to DOJ, the reason there are still 10,000+ Armed Prohibited felons on our streets is because they are overtasked with firearms registrations and DOJ is busy continually seeking additional funding to complete the important task of removing the 10,634 known armed felons on your streets! If this bill passes to regulate production of firearm precursor parts, it will burden DOJ even further with the needless registration and tracking of thousands of firearm parts!

Let Assemblymember Gipson know you want DOJ’s attention focused on violent criminals—NOT on law-abiding citizens purchasing firearm parts for legal use.

SB 172: Portantino. Firearms — Storage.

SB 172 was passed out of Assembly Public Safety yesterday on a 5 to 2 vote.  This bill will make it a crime for you to choose to keep ANY firearm out of a safe in your home for protection—a crime that, if convicted, will prohibit you from owning a firearm for 10 years!  Yes, you will receive the same penalty as felons for keeping a firearm out of a safe whether it be for home protection or even a shotgun on display at your hunting club! Existing law already regulates storage requirements to prevent children from accessing firearms.

Contact Senator Portantino and let him know enough is enough!  Your residence is yours to defend as you wish!

SB 61: Portantino. Firearms Transfers

Should you be limited to using a constitutional right only once a month? Senator Portantino thinks so, and so do the other Democratic members of Assembly Public Safety. Yesterday, SB 61 passed with a 5 to 2 vote to limit your right to purchase firearms to just one long gun a month. (Note: Assemblymember Kamlager-Dove made a statement against bill and did not vote.) Can you imagine if your right to free speech was limited to one day a month!? In his testimony, Senator Portantino asked, “Who needs to purchase more than one gun a month?”

We suggest you contact the Senator’s office and let him know—you do!


For additional details on AB 879, SB 172, and SB 61 and other pertinent bills refer to


  • It’s all total bullshit someone is breaking into my home , so I have to tell him to wait while I get my gun out of the safe , then you have make the police believe that your gun was stored properly

  • With hundreds of thousands of conservatives leaving the state of California and along with the ignorance of the 2A among conservatives in this state and lack of NRA strength we now have a super majority of anti-gunners. We only hope that Trump doesn’t waffle with protecting the 2A and SCOTUS ruling to protect it as well. Think things may get worse before getting better but this is a long way off. Y’all may go to hell, but I’m going to Texas!

  • This is a total infringement of our 2nd amendment how are we supposed to use a firearm to protect our families in the event of a home Invasion or just someone that wants to hurt our family. After all criminals DONT OBEY LAWS.

  • This outrageous infringement upon our rights as American citizens.This has gone way to far..I think the Government needs to stop bringing drugs ,criminals and gangsters to harass and terrorize the citizenry. Instead of making up bullship laws that have nothing to do with anything.

  • Absurd futile actions that will have zero affect, but you know this. No one is fooled at this point, as we see you have to disarm the public to realize your socialist dreams for CA. This will not stand! Your hubris blinds you from your fate, but rest assured it is soon. Enjoy these last days of delusion comrade.

  • Enough is enough! We the people want our RIGHTS restored…Now. this garbage has gone on far too long. The second amendment is our Right, not your’s to infringe. Stop these Bill’s
    AB 879, SB 172 and SB 61

    Shame on the people that are allowing this to continue, and shame on our Representatives that have turned into politicians pushing their own agendas to strip our Rights. You took an oath to defend the Constitution, this is not doing that. This is striping away our rights in the name of crime prevention, that will make us criminals.

    Time for change!

  • AB879, SB172 & SB61 violates my Constitution Rights as a Law Abiding American Citizen. The Bills does nothing to deter Criminals, Terrorist, Gangs and Mental Health Issued people. Adding more Gun Control to thousands already in the books does nothing to lower Crime. Targeting Law Abiding American Citizen does nothing to deter Crime.

  • These proposed laws are being submitted by an individual who wants to see his name in the history books. There was someone one similar in the past who did simular acts that started WWII. Is history starting to repeat itself? Clearly, he does not have his facts straight, and is exaggerating / twisting / bending the truth to meet his own agenda. He is NOT Representing the PEOPLE who elected him.

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