The Complete List of Laws the Orange Shooter Likely Broke

April 5, 2021

As the facts continue to emerge from the saddening shooting last week in Orange, we’ve developed a list of a few of the laws that suspect Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez likely broke. Politicians, of course, are certain to use this as an opportunity to enact even more laws that don’t work to make us any safer, and that won’t change the fact that bad people do bad things and laws don’t stop them. Meanwhile, the media is no longer talking about this incident because it doesn’t fit the typical “mass shooter” narrative.

If history is a guide, the response to pointing out all the laws that failed will be to call for more and more laws because these laws “don’t go far enough” to “do something.”

The laws already in place that the suspect likely broke:

·         Murder (and attempted murder for those victims who weren’t killed) / Manslaughter (187 et. Seq.)

·         Assault with a firearm (245)

·         Aggravated Battery (243(d))

·         Brandishing (417)

·         Child Endangerment (273a)

·         Illegal Public Carry (25400)

·         Armed Criminal Action (25800)

·         Discharge of firearm in/at occupied building (246)

·         Resisting Peace Officer (presumably) (148)

·         Sentencing Enhancements for Use of Firearm in commission of felony (Not a crime itself but should be applicable) (12022.5)

We look forward to seeing this case fully prosecuted – and stand strongly with the millions of law-abiding California gun owners who now have a target aimed at them because of the actions of a single person.

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