Newsom Signs Slew of Anti-2A Bills

October 15, 2019

Governor Newsom Signed MORE Anti-Gun Bills into Law!

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a plethora of anti-gun legislation into law, making it even more difficult for citizens to lawfully own and possess firearms in the state.

As informed Second Amendment supporters, we know that the biggest problem with the Governor’s actions is that they will do nothing to stop criminal activity that plagues the state and many local communities.

We need your help to battle California’s horrible policies that infringe on our rights!
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  • AB-12will change the time period of a gun violence restraining order from one year to up to five years and can only be terminated earlier by the court.
  • AB-61will expand the types of individuals who can file gun violence restraining orders to include employers, coworkers, and schoolteachers. This will only be based on third party allegations and not on any actual criminal activity or due process.
  • AB-879will require precursor firearm parts to be sold/transferred only through a licensed dealer similar to the ammunition laws that went into effect under Proposition 63. It will further create a registry of parts and a new crime for the transfer of parts without the licensed dealer to anyone under 21 years of age or to prohibited persons.
  • AB-893will prohibit the sale or transfer of guns at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The attacks on gun shows across the state are already being fought in the courts and the state politicians are trying to thwart those efforts because they know discriminating against lawful gun owners is unconstitutional.
  • AB-1254will prohibit the ability to hunt, trap, or otherwise take a bobcat except in specified circumstances.
  • AB-1297will remove the maximum fee that a local jurisdiction could charge for a CCW permit, thus making it the “wild west” of fees that would be charged by CCW-hating politicians and administrators.
  • AB-1669will raise fees paid by consumers when purchasing a firearm.
  • SB-61will amend California’s one handgun per month law to apply to handguns and centerfire semi-auto rifles with limited exceptions.
  • SB-172will expand California’s existing storage laws to include a harsh 10-year ban on firearm ownership for a violation.

CRPA will continue to fight these battles in the courts and we need your support! We are currently fighting the ammunition laws (Rhode v. Becerra), right to gather at a gun show and protection of the gun culture (B & L Productions v. 22nd District Agricultural Association), and we brought you “Freedom Week” (Duncan v. Becerra) and we continue to fight on appeal.

We are also always looking for named plaintiffs for additional lawsuits. If you are willing to be a named plaintiff in an upcoming legal battle to defend the Second Amendment, please let us know potentialplaintiffs@michellawyers.com


California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a plethora of anti-gun legislation into law, making it even more difficult for citizens to lawfully own and possess firearms in the state.


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