Los Angeles County Flip Flops Again- Lists Gun Stores as Essential

March 31, 2020

Last week the federal government issued guidance now advising that gun stores, gun makers and shooting ranges are critical businesses that shouldn’t be closed during shutdowns meant to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

The administration’s listing of these industries as “essential” was in direct contradiction to those cities and counties across the country trying to use this crisis as a means of limiting constitutional rights. CRPA and other Second Amendment groups like the NRA and NSSF have been working for weeks to keep gun shops, ranges, and FFLs open to the public at this time when more people feel the need to protect themselves and their families.

Gun sales have surged over the past several week and lines of people, especially in California, have wrapped around gun shop buildings for days.  This is especially encouraging in a place where gun control activists continuously try to limit civil rights and access to lawful purchases of firearms.

CRPA greatly appreciates those counties and cities that have determined that your right to bear arms is a no brainer. Many of our Sheriffs need no one to tell them to protect your fundamental rights. CRPA also thanks the Trump administration for making sure that jurisdictions understand the vital role that these businesses play during uncertain times like this.

We will continue to work local jurisdictions and share information with them to give them the correct information to protect your rights.

Click here for the Informational Bulletin (03/18/2020)

Click here for FREE training for new gun owners during this time.

If you have questions, please let us know at contact@crpa.org

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