Duncan v. Becerra Update from CRPA President Chuck Michel

September 25, 2019
CRPA lawyers filed an opposition brief to the state’s appeal of the trial court ruling whereby Judge Benitez blocked enforcement of the ban on possessing 10+ round magazines.
As you know, the ban on importation was blocked for a week, during which time approximately 1 million of the magazines were lawfully purchased in California. The importation ban is now back in effect.
This week a slew of amicus / friend-of-the-court briefs will be filed supporting our position. We have been working with a variety of groups wanting to assist in that effort.
Then the state will be able to file a reply brief.
As these briefs are filed we update the back page showing the case history at HERE.
You can read all of the briefs there.
We are closely watching what the Supreme Court does in the NYSRPA v NYC case, and are hopeful that the Court will give us a ruling (most likely in June 2020) that we can use to file a lot more 2A lawsuits in California.
Thank you for your continued support of this effort, and all the other efforts of NRA and CRPA to fight back and take back our freedoms in California.

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