CRPA Works with L.A. Sheriff to Open Up CCW Licenses in County.

May 27, 2021

CRPA is proud to announce that our partnership with local Sheriff’s has brought forward yet another victory for gun owners in the state.

CRPA has been working for several years with pro- Second Amendment Sheriffs across the state to increase the availability of CCWs in the state. We support and are featured speakers at the state-wide CCW conference and attempt to bring awareness to the fact that the right to carry is a fundamental right for the law-abiding citizen. Many sheriffs across the state are actively working to increase the number of CCWs issued due to these concerted efforts.

The County of Los Angeles is one of those agencies that has decided to make changes to their current CCW issuance program by hiring more staff to process applications and make a strong effort to get law abiding citizens issued a license. This comes after many talks with other pro-2A Sheriffs and CRPA to work towards solutions for law abiding citizens who choose to carry a firearm for protection outside of the home. We applaud Sheriff Villanueva for increasing his program.

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