CRPA ALERT: Injunction to Be Filed in CRPA Lawsuit Challenging Ammo Law train Wreck

July 3, 2019

The problems encountered since the new ammunition background check system was put into effect on July 1 have far surpassed what we predicted, and we predicted a train wreck. The approval process takes over a half hour per customer, instead of the promised two minutes. DOJ is imposing unnecessary and costly requirements on vendors. Countless customers are being turned down by DOJ for lack of ID even if they have a California driver’s license. Law abiding people cannot get ammunition they need for sport or self-defense. Businesses may have to close as a result of this extreme regulatory burden.


“Newsom’s Prop 63 law is a business killing nightmare and a red-tape charade that is useless as a crime prevention measure,” said CRPA President Chuck Michel. “This law puts a ridiculously excessive burden on Second Amendment rights and was designed to make it practically impossible for gun stores to make a profit or for people to use a gun for sport or self-defense. It’s part of Newsom’s effort to eliminate the “gun culture” – which he hates.” said Michel. “We are going to ask the Court to put a stop to it immediately.”


CRPA, with NRA’s support, challenged the ammunition background check law in court months ago. The lead plaintiff in the case is gold medal-winning Olympic shooter Kim Rhode. The CRPA legal team already got a favorable ruling in the Rhode case – which is being heard by the same judge who ruled in the Duncan 10+ magazine lawsuit. We had to wait for the ammo law to take effect to seek an injunction, but now that the law has gone into effect and the infringements have been documented, CRPA plans to seek an injunction in the Rhode case next week.


If you’ve had problems buying ammunition, and particularly if you are an ammunition sales vendor having problems, please email us at ammosnafu@michellawyers.com so we can add your experience to the mountain of evidence documenting how this law has failed. To review all of the materials that NRA and CRPA have put together about what these laws require and the lawsuit challenging them, visit http://michellawyers.com/ammunition-california-laws-and-regulations/.


Gun rights supporters should not support other 2A groups promising to file their own legal challenges to the new ammo laws. Although these may just be list building promotions for use in their future fundraising appeals, any new redundant lawsuit that might be filed would be duplicative, would complicate the legal process, greatly risks having a different (likely hostile) judge second-guess the good ruling we already got in the Rhode case, and jeopardizes the potential success of CRPA’s existing lawsuit.


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