CRPA Alert: Ant-2A Bill Held In Suspense

May 24, 2019

Great news for gun owners in California, this week as AB-688 (Chu) is held in suspense file in Assembly Appropriations.
This bill as originally presented would have required all firearms to be secured when not attended in a lock box or by cable that is secured to the vehicle’s frame using a steel cable lock or chain and padlock or in a locked container that is secured using a steel cable lock or chain and padlock or that is permanently affixed to the vehicle.
AB 688 placed undue financial stress upon law-abiding gun owners in this state, and the enforcement of it, in some cases, would be nearly impossible.
Mandating by law that gun owners must lock their firearm to a vehicle’s frame would require the gun owner to have access to or have a vehicle that has an exposed frame. As time moves forward and the automobile industry advances, the electric and hybrid vehicles (beloved by the same legislators that would push for this bill) simply do not have the framing needed to implement this bill.

Never mind the impossibility of forcing a firearms instructor, who might have dozens of long-guns in their vehicle at once, to find a way to lock said firearms to the car.
CRPA staff will continue to monitor this and other bad bills and post updates should there be any more news.

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