Under Pressure, City of San Jose Delays Gun Tax Implementation

July 18, 2022

The City of San Jose has delayed implementation of their first-in-the-nation gun tax and insurance requirement due to (fairly predictable) administrative struggles. CRPA sent a letter demanding that the City clarify whether the ordinance would be implemented as originally scheduled.

In a staff report that spends a good bit of time whining about legal challenges to the blatantly unconstitutional law, City officials acknowledge that several tasks required to implement the ordinance simply haven’t been accomplished, among them identifying a local nonprofit organization to whom the fees charged by the City would be funneled.

It seems that creating a law that does nothing to stop gun violence while infringing on the rights of the people is a little more difficult than they thought. Perhaps no nonprofit would sign on to this ill-conceived idea because they too would be dragged into litigation immediately. What is clear is that for all their grandstanding, the City of San Jose has no idea what they are doing.

We must continue to Stand with San Jose gun owners and fight back against bad laws that do nothing except punish lawful gun owners.