Rhode v. Bonta What’s Next?

February 1, 2024

January 31, 2024, a federal court ruled that the California ammunition restrictions were unconstitutional and enjoined those restrictions while the litigation continues. This is the third ruling secured by CRPA in our case Rhode v. Bonta. The state attempted to get the judge to reconsider the injunction, and when that failed, they filed a notice to appeal and an Emergency Motion to Stay the Injunction with the Ninth Circuit.

We need your help to hold onto this win for California gun owners! Encourage those you buy ammo from to donate to CRPA. When you purchase a box of ammo, please consider making a donation to CRPA for this specific case as we defend this injunction. Share the information below that was sent out from the DOJ to licensed dealers, and share with others how hard CRPA is fighting for your rights. DONATE HERE: Rhode v. Bonta: Getting Our Ammo Back! | CRPA (Powered by Donorbox)