Los Angeles County CCW Application Guide

July 2, 2020

Los Angeles County Sheriff Claims He Will Increase CCW Issuance in Light of Reduced Funding

The Los Angeles County Sheriff is in a battle with the Board of Supervisors over funding. The Board voted just this week to cut $145 million from the Sheriff’s budget and that does not make him happy!

It has made the Sheriff so unhappy that he has promised to process more concealed carry licenses in Los Angeles County. While current numbers of CCW’s in the county are abysmal (only 197 active permits currently and only 10 of those are people outside of the law enforcement world) we are hopeful that the Sheriff has had enough of the politics that have now turned against him and his department.

CRPA has been working with Sheriffs for years and helping streamline processes for members who want to get their CCW in California. Every county is different, but there are some processes that they all must follow.

As a service to our members and new gun owners, our legal team has prepared this helpful guide on “How To Apply For A CCW In Los Angeles County.” We continue to work with Sheriffs across the state to ensure that you have access to CCWs and the ability to fully exercise your rights.

Also, we will have more updates on other counties and their processes. As a resource, here are some websites for counties that do issue CCWs.

Orange County Sheriff

San Bernardino County Sheriff

Fresno County Sheriff

Kern County Sheriff

Merced County Sheriff

Solano County Sheriff

Shasta County Sheriff

Sacramento County Sheriff

Ventura County Sheriff

Riverside County Sheriff

El Dorado County Sheriff

Modoc County Sheriff

Lassen County Sheriff

Yuba County Sheriff

Butte County Sheriff

Siskiyou County Sheriff


CRPA has also been fighting this fight in court for years. Our current case Flanagan v. Harris challenges the California statutes regulating both the open and concealed carry of firearms in public, as well as the policy of the LASD for the issuance of permits for the concealed carry of firearms. It seeks declaratory and equitable relief under both the Second Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution.

To donate to this continued fight and join us in pushing for more CCWs issued to law abiding citizens, click here!

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