Big Win In Del Mar Gun Show Case!

Big Win In Del Mar Gun Show Case!

May 11, 2020- In late 2018 the Del Mar Fair Board of Directors, taking its cues from the rabid anti-gun crowd in San Diego, decided to ban gun shows at a state-owned event space simply because they do not like the gun culture.

CRPA, Crossroads of the West Gun Shows, Ammo Bros., South Bay Rod & Gun Club, Second Amendment Foundation, and numerous individual plaintiffs stepped up to fight this blatant discrimination against gun owners and the gun culture.

First we secured a preliminary injunction from a federal judge in 2019 which allowed the gun shows to come back to the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The language in the court order was so convincing and strong in our favor that the Del Mar Fair Board decided they did not want to take this fight any further on their dime.  They caved and entered into settlement earlier this year and the case has been dismissed.

That’s right-Gun Owners won and the anti-gun crowd is now paying a handsome settlement to make all of this go away!

But we are not done at Del Mar. Assemblyman Todd Gloria was successful last year in getting AB 893 passed which “bans the sale of firearms and ammunition at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.” This was there “insurance policy” should the Del Mar Fair Board lose the ongoing legal challenge against them. Once again politicians led by over-bearing anti-gun groups are attacking the right of Free Speech and lawful Commercial Speech.  These groups and the politicians in their pockets think they should be able to tell you what is “good” and “wholesome” enough to be on government property.

The proceeds from the first Del Mar win are now being turned back into a second Del Mar case to fight this unconstitutional ban on commercial speech. We will use the first win and the legal analysis from the courts to fight them again.

While we have some starter funds from the settlement, we need your help. This is about so much more than a gun show. This is about standing up to those who are looking to completely eradicate the gun culture by unconstitutionally discriminating against those they do not agree with. This is about stopping them now and not letting them go from the gun show to the gun store  and beyond.

While we celebrate another legal victory in California, we hope that you will continue to support CRPA as we fight this next round to preserve your rights.


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