Shooting Sport Programs

Whether you are a new shooter or a world-class competitor, CRPA supports your skills by providing training, sponsoring numerous shooting matches and competitions throughout the year, and opportunities get involved, advance your skills and advocate for your Second Amendment rights. See below to get involved and learn more!


CRPA has been collecting ammunition donations to keep special interest programs going in California against all odds. We have had some very generous donors who have operated ammunition donation drives for this CRPA program. Now, we are opening this up to all of our members to ask for your help. Many of the organizations that used to donate ammunition to special interest shooting programs either no longer do this, or cannot because of the costs or scarcity.


Please consider donating some ammunition today by calling the CRPA office at 714-992-2772. We are specifically looking for 9mm, .22, 12GA, and 20GA.  No amount is too small. 

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