Recreational Shooting Programs

Recreational shooting in the U.S. is a longstanding and time honored tradition. Whether it’s practicing at a range each week or participating in an occasional weekend activity with friends, millions of Americans shoot recreationally each year. Research shows that nearly half of all active target shooters introduce a newcomer to the range or field each year. Additionally, another recent study shows that when surveyed, 45% of respondents said an “invitation from friend or family” would most motivate them to participate in recreational shooting. This increased participation results in a higher population of regular recreational shooters. CRPA is committed to getting more people out and pulling triggers, but most importantly- being safe and having fun while doing so.

CRPA sponsors many recreational shooting sport events and opportunities for shooters of all ages and skill levels. We also provide range safety officers at events. CRPA partners with the NRA and other organizations, ranges, clubs and businesses in order to provide opportunity to learn and sharpen shooting skills for all, and to bring together the 2A community. We hope that through recreational shooting you develop a passion for the second amendment and ability to use a firearm safely and effectively. CRPA works with special interest groups and partners with a variety of ranges and shooting locations in order to promote safe recreational shooting and hunting! You can try out a variety of shooting disciplines and build your skills, and also receive California specific training from our certified instructors!

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