Get Out And Shoot!

CRPA wants to help the people of California find the best directories of shooting ranges in our state. We support new shooters and long-time shooters in advancing their skills, training safely and properly, and being able to shoot straight! Every gun owner understands the need for continuous training to become proficient and effective with their own firearms under a variety of circumstances. Whether you are shooting competitively, recreationally, hunting or training for your field of work, we hope you will find this map resourceful in finding numerous locations and places to shoot! With great weather year round, California offers a variety of options when it comes to training. Whether you prefer indoor shooting, outdoor ranges, public shooting spaces, group shooting, private-lessons, competitive training, or simply taking your family and friends out for a day on the range, we want you to enhance your skills! To search for ranges near you click here.

While Shooting ranges are under attack in California from developers, neighbors, environmentalists, and the gun-band lobby, CRPA’s Range Shield Protection Program is here to help! CRPA’s Range Assistance Team of lawyers and experts helps ranges fight back and stay open for future generations of shooters. For more information, please review our Range Protection Program at https://www.crpa.org/programs/ranges-retailers-protection-programs/range-protection-programs/.