Anti-Gun Vultures Capitalize on Tragedy

May 21, 2018

Like vultures, two anti-gun legislators are capitalizing on the tragedy in Santa Fe to advance their own anti-gun agenda.

In a despicable act of self-promotion, San Francisco State Senator Scott Wiener (D) has introduced SB 221, a bill to ban gun shows at the Cow Palace Arena in Daly City. Wiener, along with Assemblyman Phil Ting (D), is shamelessly exploiting the murder of innocent children to attack the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Using dirty gut and amend tactics, these legislators bypassed the majority of the legislative process in an attempt to guarantee the passage of this bill. This is the fourth attempt in recent years to shut down the Cow Palace gun show. Despite failing to pass this measure three times already, with the most recent attempt having been vetoed by Governor Brown, Wiener and Ting couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use this tragedy to attack our rights.

This is just another avenue for the anti-gunners to chip away at our right to keep and bear arms. All across the state, anti-Second Amendment activists and politicians are targeting California gun shows. From Del Mar to Daly City, major gun shows are under attack. Despite a long history of safety at the shows, and a perfect record of compliance with all of California’s firearm laws, these anti-gun forces will not rest until they have outlawed every last gun show.

Despite having tens of thousands of gun owners in San Francisco, Wiener and Ting have made it clear that they are uninterested in listening to the opposition. Ting even said that, “gun shows are the antithesis of what San Francisco and the Bay Area stand for.” This is an insult to all law-abiding San Francisco gun owners and shows a blatant disrespect for the Second Amendment.

While Senator Wiener may say this bill is meant to keep people safer, it is nothing more than an exploitative attempt to pander to elitist San Francisco gun haters. By eliminating where San Franciscans go to legally buy their guns, Wiener and Ting are undermining the ability of everyday citizens to defend themselves and exercise their Second Amendment rights.

With your help, we can stop SB 221. First, share this alert with your fellow Second Amendment supporters. By keeping each other informed, we can better mobilize against this and future threats. Second, call the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and urge them to vote NO on SB 221. Finally, and most importantly, get out and VOTE on June 5thfor pro-Second Amendment Candidates!

Thank you for your support and remember, be safe, shoot straight, fight back!

Assembly Public Safety Committee

Reggie Jones-Sawyer: (916) 319-2059

Tom Lackey: (916) 319-2036

Wendy Carillo: (916) 319-2051

Sydney Kamlager-Dove: (916) 319-2054

Kevin Kiley: (916) 319-2006

Bill Quirk:  (916) 319-2020

Miguel Santiago: (916) 319-2053

Like vultures, two anti-gun legislators are capitalizing on the tragedy in Santa Fe to advance their own anti-gun agenda.

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