RIVERSIDE CRPA CHAPTER CALENDAR AND EVENTS INFORMATION PAGE:                                                                  Last Updated: 2024-07-17

MEETING SCHEDULE:                                                                                              Generally, meets on the *Fourth Wednesday of each Month.                           * Schedule Adjustments.

Upcoming Riverside Chapter Meetings:

WHEN:                                              WHERE:

07-24-2024   1800 (6:00pm) at 2A Zone, 6710 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA (In Person Only)                                                                   Guest Speaker:  Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco

*08-24-2024   1200 (Noon) Saturday, at 2A Zone, 6710 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA (In Person Only)                                                          Guest Speaker:   Assemblyman Bill Essayli

09-25-2024   1800 (6:00pm) at 2A Zone, 6710 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA (In Person Only)                                                                    Guest Speaker:   Riverside County District Attorney Mike Hestrin

10-23-2024   1800 (6:00pm) at 2A Zone, 6710 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA (In Person Only)

*No Meeting in November.

*12-14-2024   1200 (Noon) Saturday at 2A Zone, 6710 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA (In Person Only)

Sometimes, You meet important members of the community at a CRPA Chapter meeting!

L-R: Ron Lander, Riverside Chapter Chairman;  Christina Gastelo, CRPA Staff;  Chad Bianco. Riverside County Sheriff;  Richard Ives, Riverside Chapter Liaison Officer;  Alicia Brewer, CRPA Staff.

Nearby Chapter Meetings:

See: Coachella Valley Gun Owners                                                                                                     See: San Bernardino County Gun Owners                                                                                              See: LA South Bay Gun Owners


Upcoming Gun Shows and Events:      

CRPA Volunteers Needed at Gun Shows and Events:                                                                                                        Contact:  volunteers@crpa.org , or call: (714) 992-2772.

2024-04- 19, 20, 21  Fri./Sat./Sun.  NORCO HORSEWEEK RODEO; 

2024-04-  25, 26, 27,  28:   SASS CA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP, @ROUTE 66;      

2024-05-(18 /19)  Sat./Sun. Ontario Gun Show; 

2024-06-01 Saturday – YOA (Youth Outdoor Adventure), Raahauge’s, in Norco;


You never know who you will meet at a Gun Show!  Yes…we bought cookies.

Other Events in and around Riverside County:

[     ]

Local Training Events:

2024/25  CRPA Training Opportunities at Fullerton, Riverside, Chino, and other local resources:

Contact:  Elizabeth at eazubuike@crpa.org, or call her at: (714) 992-2772

The following are some future Events,  for new dates and times, go to crpa.org/training, Call for Prices.

Event Date1 Date2 Date3
Personal Awareness Seminar 3/28/2024 (V) 4/4/2024 (V) 4/18/2024 (V)
Personal Protection Outside the Home Course 4/6/2024 (F)
Pistol Shooting Basics 5/4/2024 (F)
Pistol Instructor Course 3/30/2024 (F)
Rifle Shooting Basics 5/11/2024 (F)
Shotgun Shooting Basics Course 3/16/2024 (F)
Shotgun Instructor Course 4/27/2024 (F)
Range Safety Officer Basics Course 3/23/2024 (R) 4/16/2024 (C) 4/20/2024 (F)
Chief Range Safety Officer 3/23/2024 (F)
Hunting – Traditional Hunters Education 4/27/2024 (F)
CCW Law Special Event 4/7/2024 (M)
CCW Course – Orange County 4/14/2024 (F)
2024 Range Convention 4/16/2024 (C)

(V) = Virtual
(F) = Fullerton
(R) = Riverside
(C) = Chino
(M) = Murrietta




The following Calendar Contains All CRPA Chapter Meetings / Events throughout California, Etc: